Frozen Yogurt


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The TASTIEST flavors made with the highest quality ingredients - bluberi is all-natural, non-fat and contains REAL YOGURT! All of our signature flavors are made with our bluberi secret recipe that you will not TASTE anywhere else!


The Original Tart Yogurt The clean and refreshing taste that everyone raves about!
Our Signature Flavor Made with real blueberry, this is a perfectly light and smooth blend.
Rich Matcha Green Tea A blend of Tavalon real matcha green tea and our delicious yogurt. A perfect treat for tea lovers and all fans alike!
Low Fat Chocolate Everyone loves chocolate! See what new exciting blend we have come up with for this classic flavor!
A Taste of The Tropics A tropical blend that will remind you of paradise. Our mango frozen yogurt truly is bliss.
Deep Red and Yummy One of our most popular flavors, an amazingly satisfying taste and a modern re-mix of an ancient fruit!
Peachy Delight The light and fit flavor of peach infusion, this frozen yogurt will leave you craving for more.
Amazing Strawberry A favorite fruit, enjoy the amazing flavor of our refreshing strawberry frozen yogurt.
New Flavors We are regularly scouring the globe to find our next featured flavors! Join the B-list and find out what we will come up with next!