Earl Grey Reserve (Organic) A colorful spin on the classic black tea blend using premium bergamot oil and blue cornflowers.
Kama Chai Sutra (Organic) An exotic black tea with the classic Masala spices from India.
NYC Breakfast A hearty blend of the world's best black teas from India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia created for the New Yorker palate.
Genmai Cha (Organic) A classic Japanese blend of green tea, roasted and partially puffed rice with a "toasty" flavor and aroma.
Jasmine Dream (Organic) An organic green tea perfumed with night-blooming jasmine flowers.
Pure Green (Organic) A premium green tea from the Fujian province of China with a naturally light, refreshing flavor.
Summer Fruits The health benefits of green tea combine with a soft fruit flavor for an instant classic
Lemongreen A refreshing, low-caffeine blend of mellow green tea from China and zesty Thai lemongrass.
Tropical Peony A fun, flavorful Pai Mu Tan white tea with the tropical overtones of pineapple bits, coconut shavings & rose petal.
White Blueberry An anti-oxidant rich white tea teamed up with the also-antioxidant-rich blueberry making this tea an altogether deliciously healthy, subtly flavored tea treat.
Peachy Oolong A deep, dark Formosa Oolong tea from Taiwan sweetened with peach pieces and sunflowers.
Cool Mint (Organic) A premium peppermint herbal tea to soothe and refresh. Naturally caffeine-free, it is the perfect after-dinner tea as it aids in digestion.
Crimson Punch A sugar free, tangy fruit blend with Blood Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Cherry and Hibiscus flowers.
Rooibos Vanilla A flavorful variation on the classic herbal tea from South Africa: organic Rooibos leaves mixed with pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans.
Serenity A relaxing caffeine-free herbal blend consisting of Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Rooibos and Vanilla.